Oklahoma City

~ Race Day ~

"Do you give the horse its strength or clothe its neck with a flowing mane?" - Job 39:19

What a day!  My dear husband treated me to an afternoon date at the horseraces he knows I love to get in the car, head out with my camera (and him) and see what beautiful pictures come to me;  this was my first time photographing the horse races, and I fell IN LOVE!  The sights, the sounds, the smell of horses in the air.  We could hear the hustle and shuffle of horse/jockey statistic papers being opened and closed as in-depth decision making was taking place, the conversations debating over which horse and which jockey stood out above all the rest, the lines at the betting window full with hopes and dreams of picking the winning combination!  

The day was full, along with our bellies, I might add as we enjoyed lunch, trackside as we ate one of the best burgers I've had in awhile.  The weather was picture perfect with a cool breeze and the track slightly wet from a gentle shower just a few hours before race time.  Owners and spectators alike anticipated the sound of that legendary bugle horn as it blew loud and proud - Call to Post - it's as if human and horse came to attention as it was now time to make their way to the track to not miss a single second of the thrilling excitement to come!

A great adventure indeed!  My husband and I LOVE all things horses; they are our life.  We do not own racehorses nor do we know much about the ends and outs of gambling at the horse races but without being apart of any of that, we truly enjoyed our afternoon outing, and the fun photographs I will treasure,  I honestly can't wait until the next time!  Hope you enjoy a glimpse of our day, and if you have a love for the horse and the athlete this magnificent creation of Gods is I have no doubt you too would LOVE the horseraces!